SiteGround WordPress Hosting: Review & Plan Comparison

SiteGround WordPress Hosting: Review & Plan Comparison

WordPress’s website creation tools have enabled millions of business owners, bloggers, and entrepreneurs, among other people, to have attractive, functional websites for an extremely low cost.

While WordPress offers their own hosting service, the sheer number of sites has produced a number of third-party web hosting providers that can often do a better job and that’s where you get companies such as SiteGround.

SiteGround is an independent hosting company that was founded in 2004 but they’ve been offering their services worldwide since 2014. In terms of speed, pricing, features, and overall support, they’ve maintained their reputation as one of the best and they’ll most likely show up in any top 10 list that you find. The following will dive deeper into the features of their WordPress hosting service, the different hosting plans, and how it looks against similar services.

Three Different Hosting Plans

SiteGround offers three different hosting plans that differ in terms of web space, monthly visitor allowance, and certain other features. Consequently, they differ in price as well but they are all relatively affordable.

The StartUp Plan. The StartUp plan is their most basic plan but it’s great for businesses that are just getting started and want to minimise their costs as much as possible. The plan is set up in this way:

  • £2.95/month
  • 10,000 monthly visitor allowance
  • 10GB of space
  • Hosting for one website
  • Unmetered data transfer
  • 10 simultaneous server processes
  • 500MB database
  • 150,000 inodes

The GrowBig Plan. The GrowBig plan is for businesses that are getting a little bigger and require a little more for their website and traffic. The plan is this:

  • £4.95/month
  • 25,000 monthly visitor allowance
  • 20GB of space
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unmetered data transfer
  • 20 simultaneous server processes
  • 750MB database
  • 300,000 inodes

The GoGeek Plan. If you are starting out with a big following or have watched your business take off, you may need their most advanced plan, which is made up of this:

  • £8.95/month
  • 100,000 monthly visitor allowance
  • 30GB of space
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unmetered data transfer
  • 30 simultaneous server processes
  • 1000MB database
  • 450,000 inodes

Keep in mind that the prices listed here are special prices for first-time users and the regular prices are £8.95, £14.95, and £24.95 respectively. The GrowBig plan and the GoGeek plan are also given priority when it comes to resources, support, and customer service.

Managed Hosting and Optimised Servers

Unlike some of the competitors, SiteGround provides managed hosting services for each of its plans so you never have to worry about speed, security, or plugin updates. SiteGround’s servers are also optimised for WordPress websites, meaning that they will load faster and remain stable; more importantly, they will maintain that speed and stability over the long term.

Of course, there are still differences in the plans. The GoGeek plan can simultaneously process more servers and it contains significantly more inodes. The GoGeek database size is twice that of the StartUp plan and it also uses 30% of the server resources compared to the 10% of the StartUp plan.

SiteGround’s hosting services provide WordPress staging environments, pre-installed Git, PCI compliance for e-shops, one-year SSL, free backup, and more.

SiteGround managed WordPress hosting review & comparison by RenComp
SiteGround managed WordPress hosting review & comparison

Simple and Free Website Migration

In addition to managed hosting, SiteGround also makes it easy for websites with existing hosts to migrate over to their servers. While StartUp plan users get access to an easy-to-use migration plugin, GoGeek users don’t need to do anything. With the GoGeek plan, the SiteGround team will carry out the migration and ensure that everything goes smoothly. Either way, transfers are included with your package.

Free CDN and SSL Certificates

With consumers growing increasingly concerned with privacy and with Google’s algorithm favouring encrypted websites, it’s important that you have the necessary certifications to gain consumer trust and boost your search ranking. While SSL certificates can cost nearly £60, SiteGround includes this with all their plans. You’ll also get a content delivery network (CDN), which speeds up the delivery of your content to users across the globe.

Automatic Updates and Backups

When it comes to WordPress hosting, security is a must and keeping your site and its plugins up to date is essential to maintaining security. SiteGround is great because it takes care of all of the updates for you. You can also enable automatic updates so that you never have to worry about it.

In addition to automatic updates, SiteGround automatically backs up your site and its content although, only the GoGeek plan will allow you to restore from your backups if something goes wrong.

Both updates and backups are essential to security and in addition to these features, SiteGround also offers additional security plugins. You’ll have access to many add-ons such as an IP address block-lists, hotlink protection, and anti-spam programs. So, while the site is secure from the start, you can also add these things for greater peace of mind.

Overall Pros and Cons

Overall, SiteGround is a leader in WordPress hosting and they have a lot to offer. Of course, it’s not entirely perfect and there are both pros and cons.


  • One of the fastest response times of any hosting plan
  • Simple signup process and website migration
  • Built-in WordPress installer to simplify things even further
  • 9% up-time, thanks to in-house crafted solutions
  • Above-average load time at 714ms
  • Responsive, high-knowledge staff and support team
  • Simple e-commerce applications
  • Pricing on par with other companies but they are currently offering special prices
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • They require a setup fee for people who pay monthly and not annually.
  • Their storage space is on the small side compared to other companies.

SiteGround vs. Other Companies

There are a few other companies that are clear competitors and will offer a similar service on almost all fronts.

  • SiteGround vs. GoDaddy: GoDaddy is the largest hosting provider and while they may offer better short-term value (lower prices, no setup fees), SiteGround seems to have better technology and a more reliable support system.
  • SiteGround vs. InMotion: InMotion is another leader and independent company. InMotion has better pricing, a longer money-back guarantee at 90 days, and a better on-boarding process. However, SiteGround has global data centres and they offer automatic staging and free SSLs.
  • SiteGround vs. BlueHost: Again, BlueHost has better pricing but they lack in core features. They do offer more side upgrades but they suffer in performance compared to SiteGround.
  • SiteGround vs. HostGator: HostGator offers better short-term pricing but SiteGround still has better support and overall performance.

Here at RenComp we only host our custom website designs with SiteGround. Better still we offer a full year of hosting free of charge with all of our website & blog packages. If you would like to know more, why not get in touch?

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