Why Social Media Is Important for Small Businesses

Why Social Media Is Important for Small Businesses

Social Media & Small Business

It’s hard to tell whether you need social media to have a successful business but given how many potential customers are on social media, it’s hard to stay away.

The very fact that your customers are already on social media is reason enough to join because that will offer you direct engagement with your existing customers as well as those who don’t know about you yet.

You have yet to tap into social media marketing because you aren’t sure where to begin. Our social media management services can help you no matter what stage you are at and our experts will help you build a social media presence that benefits the business. But first, consider all the following reasons why it’s a worthwhile investment.

Did you know?

  • There are over 3 billion active social media users
  • On average, people have at least 5 social media accounts
  • Time spent on social media by the average user is 116 minutes a day
  • Over 90% of retail brands use at least 2 social media platforms
  • Over 80% of all small to medium sized business have some form of social presence

Strengthen Your Web Presence thru Social Media Engagement

It’s great if you’ve already got a strong, functional website but you also must focus on getting people to that website. One of the best ways to reach people online and draw attention to your website is through social media.

Rather than wait on your customers to find your business, you can bring your business to them. After all, your customers are already on social media so the only thing that you must do to be with them is create an account. Being active on these platforms means that your business is being seen in more places. Plus, you can keep your tone and your aesthetic consistent across many platforms, which will strengthen your brand and your image on the web.

Establish Authenticity and Trust

Having a strong web presence, particularly on social media, tells customers that you are a legitimate business, but social media also gives you the opportunity to be more fun and creative.

Our social media management services cater to your business’s specific needs so we will be able to build profiles and craft social media posts that are in line with your business goals and how you want your business to be perceived. We’ll make sure to maintain your brand voice and keep this consistent across all platforms so that you gain the trust of your customers. We also work to weave small business websites and social media profiles together so that customers can get to the website through social media and vice versa.

Encourage Engagement and Get to Know Customers

The huge upside to social media is that you get to engage with customers and get to know them better. You also encourage customers to engage with your business and with each other, which will help you create a community and a loyal customer base.

When your customers are interacting with you, you get to learn more about what they want or need, and you’ll be able to improve your product or services according to that information.

Social media marketing opens up doors for new ways to connect with your customers. We can create text posts, image posts, and polls, among other things that keep your social media profiles interesting and engaging.

Social media management for small business from RenComp
Social media management for small business from RenComp

Provide Online Support

Your customers will engage with your business to tell you how much they love you but they will also use their social media access to explain issues that they have. Not only will you be able to address these issues but if the issue can be solved, you can provide online support through the social media avenue.

Lower Your Marketing Costs

Utilising the advertising opportunities on social media platform can generate a lot of traffic for small business websites. While the accounts themselves are free to create and use, we’ll help you take advantage of the marketing tools that are available for business. Not only will we manage your social media marketing, but we’ll also track the progress and make intelligent changes to help you reach your goals. Not only is this potential for greater exposure but it’s greater exposure for a more affordable price.

Stay Ahead of Competitors

It’s getting harder and harder for businesses to justify not being on social media, especially when all their competitors are. If competing businesses are already on social media, it’s a good idea to get on there as well. If you are one of the first ones in your community to get on social media, this means that you’ve got a head start and a potential edge over the competition. We will help you build relationships online so that you aren’t the one falling behind.

If you would like to know more about social media management and the services we provide follow this link: Social Media Management & Marketing Services

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