Why Quality Content Creation Is Important for SEO

Why Quality Content Creation Is Important for SEO
Why quality content creation Is important for SEO and search rankings

Search engines are the go-to source of information whenever a consumer seeks out a product or service and if you’ve got a business, you want your name to show up in the search results.

However, this isn’t based purely on relevancy and there are many factors that will influence your position in the search results, including your commitment to content creation. Given that you’ll be competing with all other businesses offering the same service, you want to make your website favourable in the eyes of Google’s algorithms.

Defining “Quality” Content

SEO content is content that is specifically created to increase your ranking in the search results but the quality of the content will determine how helpful it is in doing that. Most of the time, a “quality” piece of content has all of the following attributes:

  • Usefulness: You want the content to be useful to the consumer and usually this just means being informative.
  • Value: Your goal is to provide content that is more valuable than what consumers will find elsewhere, which could mean offering a different perspective or saying something that others don’t seem to be mentioning
  • Credibility: You want to come off as credible and when you are writing about your area of expertise, this is usually pretty easy. Author biographies, customer testimonials, thorough research, and useful links will also add to your credibility.
  • Engaging: You want the content to be engaging and aside from being generally interesting, this usually means having images, tables, and infographics, among other things. Regular updates, comment boxes, and social media sharing links are also helpful.
  • Originality: Originality is one of the most important qualities. While you may not be able to find original topics, the way you approach and write about those topics should be original. This is not only more interesting but it’s more favourable to Google’s algorithms as well.

Why Does Quality Content Creation Matter?

Every piece of content that you produce becomes another potential entry point into your website, which means more ways for consumers to find you. Google indexes each page of content separately so the more pages you have, the more times you appear in Google’s index.

While quantity increases the number of avenues that consumers can take to your site, quality increases the likelihood that they’ll come across that content in the first place. This is so important that many people will hire a professional SEO content writer to produce content for them. Google’s algorithms crawl the Internet to produce results that are useful and relevant to the person searching. They favour all of the qualities listed above and if you explore Google’s many learning resources, you’ll quickly understand the importance of quality.

Google provides guidance on creating high-quality sites and they’ll tell you that original, information-rich content is one of the most important things that you can have. When you are able to produce engaging and accurate content that clearly explains a topic, you’re more likely to attract visitors and keep them on your site.

SEO content creation & article writing services
SEO content creation & article writing services

Quality Content Is More Likely to Be Shared

Also, keep in mind that high-quality content is more likely to be shared and used on other websites as a resource. Article writing, for example, is a great way to get information out there and useful articles often get shared. When your content is available in more places, you increase the chances of a potential customer coming across it. Marketing and spreading your content are some of the best things that you can do for SEO and when your content links back to your website, you can bring in more traffic.

This is part of the reason why it’s helpful to include “share” links on your website so that visitors can interact with the content and share pages that they find useful. High-quality content that gets shared will also spread awareness of your business and help you gain consumer trust.

Keyword Quality and SEO

Content creation in the written form will almost always consider keywords. When you include the right keywords in your content, it automatically becomes more relevant to the person searching.

Researching keywords helps you understand what people search to reach your website. You can use tools such as Google Analytics to find the most successful keywords and using these appropriately with your website content can be extremely helpful in boosting your search ranking. Of course, you should do your keyword research before writing your content so that you can write more relevant material.

Types of Written Content

Written content comes in many forms and including a variety of content often helps you improve your search ranking. The most popular types of written content include:

  • Product pages
  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Lists
  • Guides
  • Glossaries
  • Directories

Other types of content would include photos, videos, and infographics, among other things.

Benefit of Hiring a Company to Write Your Content

When you need to get serious about article writing or creating content, you can write things yourself, pay one of your employees to do write, or find a company like RenComp Web Design that offers this kind of work at an affordable rate.

High-quality content requires a time commitment and no matter how skilled you or your employees might be, producing content can take you away from other responsibilities. When you hire a company, you simply explain your needs briefly, place an order, and wait for them to produce, which will usually be just a few days. The other benefits of hiring a professional include:

  • You can make sure that your staff is focused on their core responsibilities and you don’t have to take extra time out of your day to write website content.
  • Even if you think that you are a good writer, remember that an SEO content writer writes every day and is writing things that are similar to what you need so he or she already knows how to generate quality content. Professional writers know how to write and structure sentences in a way that keeps the content interesting and clear and everything will go through an editing process to eliminate spelling errors, grammar mistakes, and wordiness, among other things.
  • It’s easy for a content writing company to increase their output as you start to require more content. If you suddenly jump from three to six blog posts a month, your content company won’t have any trouble adjusting.

Most importantly, professional content writers know how to think as a reader does and they won’t be as biased. They are less concerned with the brand itself and more concerned with producing content that sounds natural and less as if it is an advertisement.

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