Why Choose a Freelance Web Designer Over a Large Company?

Why Choose a Freelance Web Designer Over a Large Company?

Local Freelancer Vs Large Company

These days, building a website is easier and more affordable than ever before. In addition to all the content management systems that do most of the work for you, there are a ton of website design companies, independent developers, and local freelancers to choose from. The Internet makes these people easy to find.

The difference between a freelance designer like RenComp and a website design company is huge and they both offer entirely different experiences filled with pros and cons. Granted, people tend to feel more secure with an established business but keep in mind that a company’s size isn’t always indicative of exceptional quality. In fact, there are plenty of freelancers who can match or outdo the work of a national design company.

Freelancers will have portfolios that give you a good idea of the kind of work that they do. If you are on the fence, consider all these benefits of working with a local freelancer.

Price Advantages

Established website design companies typically have fixed prices and the bigger the company, the higher those prices are. Freelancers are completely different, and many businesses turn to freelancers specifically because doing so is more affordable.

Freelancers are self-employed and typically set their own prices, which tend to be a lot more flexible as a result. Not to mention, they aren’t dealing with overhead, salaries, or office rent so prices are naturally lower in the first place. Many freelancers also have jobs outside of their design projects and may not need as much to make a living.

For web design Paisley, you can find freelancers who charge by the project, but others may charge by the hour. With charge-by-the-hour freelancers like RenComp, you will wind up paying a lot less than you expected.

A Freelance Web Designer is More Flexible

Not only are freelancers flexible with pricing but they are also more flexible in general. They aren’t dealing with bosses and they don’t go by traditional work hours. Freelancers set their own schedules, which might mean working at night or going back and forth throughout the day. Some freelancers may even choose to work on your website overnight whereas others may set strict work hours for themselves. However, even those in the latter case understand that if they need to work outside of their normal routine to finish on time or early, they will.

Freelancers might also be more willing to fulfil unusual requests, but it depends on who you hire. Some freelancers are strict about what they do and what they don’t do while others are extremely open to trying new things and doing what it takes to fulfil your requests.

Web design Paisley hire local freelance web designer RenComp
Web design Paisley hire a local freelance web designer such as RenComp

You Can Find Somebody Specialised

Many freelancers such as RenComp are specialised or more skilled in a particular area of website design, which may help if you need specific features or capabilities. Freelancers can also be extremely selective with the jobs that they do. If this isn’t their only source of income, they are likely to pick jobs that they are interested in and that they know they can do.

There are also a ton of freelancers out there so even if you can’t find somebody local, you’ll have an enormous pool of freelancers to choose from and many of them will have specific skills that better satisfy your needs and interests.

You Can Get More Involved

With a local designer, you have direct communication with the person who is designing your website but with a major design company, you might never know who is assigned to your project and there is a chance that it’s more than one person. Design companies will often need to put your website through multiple levels of approval before getting it back to you but when you are working with a freelancer, you don’t have this kind of distance.

If you are hiring somebody local, that’s even better. You can share your phone number and communicate whenever you want. There are no business hours that restrict communication time. Freelancers commonly work at night and even when they are not working, they will still be around to answer your questions or resolve an issue.

Ability to Meet Face to Face

When you hire a local website designer like RenComp, you can meet face to face, which only increases your involvement in the project.

When you work with a design company, you may never know who is working on your project and you may never actually see a real person either. Most of your communication will likely take place online but when you work with a local freelancer, you can schedule meetings to go over your ideas. This will also help the freelancer get a better idea of what you are looking for and it speeds up the communication process. This way, nobody will have to wait around for a text or email, and everything gets sorted out a lot more quickly.

Quicker Response Times and Turnarounds

Freelancing requires a lot of discipline and for freelancers to be successful, they need to be responsive to their clients and provide a good experience so that they can maintain their reputation and pick up more jobs in the future. So, when you hire a good freelancer for web design Paisley, you can generally expect him or her to be very responsive and attentive to your project.

It’s in every freelancer’s best interests to be trustworthy and produce results quickly so they are motivated to complete your website in a reasonable time frame, often exceeding expectations.

Not to mention, the ability to meet with a freelancer in person and discuss the project outside of business hours will presumably speed things up as well. Confusions get cleared up quickly and your freelancer will be more likely to get things right the first time around.

When you work with an agency or design company, your project must go through several stages of approval and if the top guy disapproves, edits will need to be made. When you work with a freelancer, you’ll know if the project needs to be edited immediately.

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