WordPress Tune-up Service & Why You May Need It!

WordPress Tune-up Service & Why You May Need It!

Unfortunately, WordPress websites can slow down over time prompting the need for speed optimisation and a WordPress tune-up service. So why does a website run slowly, what exactly can you do to rectify the problem and why it can affect SEO?

Admit it, there is nothing worse than visiting a website only to have to sit there waiting for it to load in your browser. Regardless of the reasons, shopping, research or just browsing, a slow website is a pain.

According to research most visitors to a website will leave if the page they are trying to view fails to load within 3 seconds. Can you imagine losing 10% of your visitors or customers with every extra second your website takes to load? The BBC did until they acted to optimise their site.

And here is an eye watering nugget of information for online business owners out there. Car parts and accessories store AutoAnything.com (A top 500 internet retailer), who originally thought their website wasn’t particularly slow, increased online sales by 13% just by optimising and improving load speeds. So just how much sales and profit are you missing out on due to a slow website?

Our time is precious and costs money, we have fast internet speeds so why are some websites so slow to load?

Reasons why a website may be slow to load

Regardless of whether a website is new or has been around for a considerable amount of time it may run slowly. Pages, blog posts, images and videos may be slow to load and render within a user’s web browser. Finding the reasons behind the slow down can be difficult and time consuming, something the average website owner may want to outsource to a specialist. That is why getting a professional who provides a WordPress tune-up service to remedy this is a great idea.

Websites look great when populated with quality images. You only have to look at sites such as Instagram to see the draw images and photos have. Having good quality, relevant images can also make or break a good web design. Images can help convey a brand message, company image or just relate to the page or blog content. But high-quality, un-optimised images can have a large file size leading to increased page weight and loading times.

Videos, regardless of being self-hosted or YouTube embeds, can also affect page load speed. Yes, even embedding YouTube videos can have an adverse effect on your website loading times. In simple terms your website must request the video from YouTube and wait for the response before then displaying it within the browser.

And what about your web host? One of the major causes of a slow, unresponsive or sluggish website is a poor-quality web hosting service. Cheap shared hosting packages are not known for their speed! Web hosting companies will host many websites on one server with strict quotas on the use of resources.

This can be detrimental to the performance of your website causing your visitors or customers to go elsewhere. Investing in a good web hosting company can pay for itself quickly with greater visitor conversion rates and decreased bounce rates.

How a slow website can affect search engine rankings

The desire of every website owner is to be on the first page of Google search rankings. Being on that first page can literally make or break a business so getting to that top spot is a necessity. But did you know Google takes website speed into consideration in its page rankings?

According to Google slow and poorly performing websites affect visitor and user experience, a key factor of website performance. Having your website load fast, not just on a desktop but even more importantly on mobile devices will make Google feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Basically, if you want to get to the top of the page rankings for your chosen niche or business sector having a website which loads quickly will help this process along. With a good WordPress tune-up service optimising and speeding up your site can greatly benefit your search engine rankings.

Although Google take many factors, not just speed and performance, into consideration when ranking a website, it is a great opportunity and starting point in building and increasing your SEO ranking score.

How does a speed optimisation and WordPress tune-up service work?

First is doing some homework, finding the actual causes of why your website is slow or unresponsive. Our first go to tool when implementing our WordPress tune-up service is provided by GTmetrix, a free online service which tests and grades website performance and speed. This service gives a baseline to work with whilst allowing improvements to me measured and monitored.

Once the causes of a slow website are identified we can start on the speed optimisation and tune-up service. WordPress websites lend themselves well to speed optimisation thanks to the many plugins available for the platform.

Configuring caching and optimisation plugins can be tricky but with our experience in their use this can reap great rewards. Just installing the plugin and keeping your fingers crossed that it will magically work is not the right philosophy to adopt.

Our expert configuration process, whilst closely monitoring the results, can show a steady beneficial boost in web-page loading speeds. All this help us provide a cost-effective solution in delivering our WordPress tune-up service and speed optimisation services.

How much does a WordPress tune-up service cost?

Finding a cost-effective way to professionally optimise and speed up a website while getting a good return on investment can be a concern. With a company such as RenComp Web Design you are in safe hands when it comes to improving your site.

For an investment of just £79 for our WordPress Tune-up Service we can have your website or blog loading faster and performing better and help your search engine ranking in the process. Better still our money back guarantee ensures you will never lose out.

Need some more information on this service? Have a look at our in-depth service description here: WordPress Tuneup Service

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