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WordPress Install Service & Custom Theme Setup & Installation

We offer a UK based professional installation service for WordPress at an affordable price. So why not take the risk out of carrying out an install or when installing a premium theme by hiring an expert today.

We can carry out our standard service for only £49 so why not get in touch to discuss your requirements.

WordPress Install & Setup Services from RenComp Web Design

Why use our professional WordPress install service?

Did you know that the WordPress content management system powers over a third of the websites on the internet? It also has tens of thousands of custom plugins and themes, free and premium, available to install to provide you a professional looking website or blog.

Unfortunately installing and configuring the software, plugins or a premium theme can be daunting if you are inexperienced or just don’t have the time to do it yourself.

There are a plethora of installation guides, videos and blog articles created to help you. Many are step by step guides, some are good and offer sound advice, while some are less so.

The downside to following a guide when you carry out an installation, premium theme or plugin is that it is unique to that specific website. For instance, not all web hosting companies are the same.

They do not all come with identical services or processes. This is when you must weigh up how much your time and effort costs and whether that time could be better spent elsewhere.

Our professional service is affordable, efficient and comes with a full support package to help as you build your website, eCommerce site or blog.

Install and configure a WordPress website

Install & Configure WordPress

Once you order this service, we will require access to your web hosting account or your FTP details to allow us to start the process.

The first task will be to check your hosting package is running the correct version of PHP and then create the database required to proceed with the install. We will then install the latest up to date version and begin the configuration procedure.

During this process we can implement any custom requirements you may have.

  • Check server PHP version
  • Create and configure database
  • Install latest version of WordPress
  • Update .htaccess file for security
  • Configure permalinks for SEO
  • Configure site structure, categories and tags
WordPress Theme Installation & Setup Services from RenComp

Theme Installation & Setup

Most people will purchase a custom theme based on the look of the demo page or site and expect a similar out of the box experience. You only have to look through the comments section of the theme developer to see this isn’t always the case. Many premium themes require a modicum of effort and knowledge to configure and setup. Not everyone has the skill to complete this which can leave them frustrated and annoyed especially if the theme developer offers a poor support service.

Our professional theme installation and setup services consists of the following:

  • Install your premium theme
  • Configure theme settings
  • Configure logo and branding
  • Adjust colour schemes
  • Import demo data if required
  • Configure widgets
WordPress Plugin Install & Configuration Services from RenComp

Plugin Install & Configuration

With all our installations we provide some ‘must have’ plugins in a standard package from security and anti-spam to caching and search engine optimisation. These handpicked plugins are based on our own experiences configuring and using them on a day to day basis and which we have found to be the best performing.

Included in the package:

Optimise your WordPress website for speed and performance

Optimise Website

Once your site is installed and everything is running smoothly, we can begin the site optimisation process to improve user experience. This service is focused on increasing site and page load speed through database tweaks, media, HTML, JavaScript and CSS optimisation and delivery improvements.

Here is a just sample of the steps our service will undertake:

  • Install & setup popular caching plugin WP Super Cache
  • Implement a CDN (Content Delivery Network) with CloudFlare
  • Optimise WordPress database with WP-Optimize
  • Reduce image sizes with the Imagify Image Optimiser plugin
  • Setup image lazy loading for improved performance
  • Prevent hot linking of images and content
  • Implement a raft of speed tweaks through the Optimisation.io plugin

How The Install Service Works

The installation, setup and configuration procedure should take no longer than 3 days.

Get in Touch

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Install & Configure

We begin the installation and configuration process

Launch Website

Once you are happy with the service we will launch the website

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