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It seems like every day the news is reporting new cases of websites being hacked and user data and passwords being stolen. Website security it seems, has become a mainstream news media hot topic coming hand in hand with the obligatory scary headlines and prophecies of doom and gloom. So, if you own or run a self-hosted WordPress website just how do you improve security and keep those scary hackers at bay?

How does a WordPress website get hacked in the first place?

To prevent your website from being hacked you must first identify how and where a hacker gains access to your site in the first place. Identifying where the vulnerabilities are will allow you to focus on the appropriate areas that require attention. Hackers will attempt to compromise a WordPress website and gain access through various targeted methods or known weak spots.

Identifying these areas is the first step to improve WordPress security and prevent your website from being compromised.

Protect your WordPress website from vulnerabilities with our security services

Hacking stats: Did you know?

Here are four common WordPress security vulnerabilities

Web Hosting

Vulnerabilities in your web hosting services account for the highest amount of attacks at 41%


Poorly coded, out dated or pirated themes account for 29% of compromised or hacked sites


Old, poorly coded or nulled (illegal copies) plugins account for as much as 22% of hacked sites

Weak Passwords

8% of sites are accessed due to users and admins using weak passwords or password policy

How we improve security and protect your site from being hacked

History has taught us that no website is 100% hack proof and any one who claims to offer a service which can do this is either a fool or a liar. However, we can discourage hackers by implementing security best practices which will make them think twice about launching an attack on your site. If you make a concerted effort to bolster your site security this will act as an effective deterrent to hackers. Below are some of the tried and tested measures our service provides to combat attacks on your site.

Change the default admin account if not already done so

Ensure blog comments are closed by 30 or 60 days

Remove direct login links from your WordPress site or blog

Ensure WordPress is up to date with the latest version installed

Find and report bugs and issues to the WordPress community

Analyse and modify important file and folder permissions

Install and configure a propriety security plugin

Implement a two factor authentication process for logins

Web Hosting, Themes & Plugins

  • Check your web host to ensure back-ups, recovery and security procedures are implemented
  • Check web host speed, stability, security and up-time
  • Check all WordPress themes and plugins are up to date and bug free

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