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Choosing the right company for WordPress SEO Services

Choosing the right company to handle all your SEO services for your WordPress based website can be tricky. At the very least you want to see a marked increase in search engine rankings but at a minimal cost, resulting in a good return on investment.

Achieving a good ROI with affordable bespoke WordPress SEO services that effectively target the local Glasgow area can be had with our expert consultants.

Using our effective tried and tested SEO services to boost organic search results will help you increase the amount of website visitors, boost your conversion rates and improve visitor conversions.

We can optimise your site to boost traffic and visitors from in and around the Glasgow area allowing you to stand out from any local competition. 

SEOPress WordPress plugin setup & optimisation service in Glasgow

SEOPress Settings

We highly recommend the SEOPress plugin over Yoast for all our SEO optimisation services, so much so we use it on our own website. SEOPress allows us to effectively optimise page titles, meta descriptions, social media and local business integration into your website. It is a lightweight plugin that won’t slow down your site and offers a plethora of options and functionality that greatly benefit search engine rankings.

How to conduct keyword research to improve search rankings

Focus Keyword Research

Targeting the correct focus keywords for your business, brand or niche is vital for boosting search rankings. We often find that this is the main reason for a poorly performing website. Choosing highly competitive keywords which are extremely difficult to rank for is a sure-fire way to waste time and money. Our service will help you define a more relevant keyword strategy which will allow you to rank higher in search result pages.

How to Optimise page & blog posts for SEO

Page & Post Content Optimisation

Content is king, this is probably the most important area of improving your SEO rankings with Google and Bing. Ensuring your content is not only relevant to your targeted keywords but is also structured and formatted correctly is key to improving your rankings. In conjunction with optimising your content for rich snippets, social media as well as images and video will start to increase your ranking on search sites.

Benefits of increasing WordPress page loading speeds to boost SEO

Speed Optimisation

Often an overlooked area when looking to increase rankings and conversions, web page loading times play an important part in SEO. Google closely measures the speed a web page or post loads and then reflects this in your ranking results. Websites which have been optimised to increase speed will not only help with visitor retention and conversions but also have the added benefit of boosting your search engine rankings.

Using Google search console in WordPress SEO services

Google Search Console

The Google search console is one of the best free and easy to use tools for monitoring your search engine rankings and identifying problems related to SEO. A great tool which will help to fix crawl errors, security issues, mobile and indexing problems and repairing URL redirection problems. It is also a fantastic way to find out which keywords your site is currently ranking for, click through rate and page impressions.

Google Analytics setup & analysis to improve organic search results

Google Analytics

After implementing all the changes to your website, you need a way to monitor and analyse the data to ensure the improvements are working. Google Analytics will help you to understand where your visitors come from, what pages they land on and how long they stay on your site. With this information and metrics gleamed from the analytics we can tweak pages and blog posts to increase traffic, improve click through rate and conversions.

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