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Looking for affordable WordPress website migration services?

WordPress website migration services & transfer service. We provide an easy and painless affordable WordPress website migration & transfer service in the UK

At some point you may find that you need to transfer your WordPress website to a new web host or from a test environment to a live one. Finding a professional who can deliver WordPress website migration services at an affordable price is difficult. Making sure you get a good balance between affordability and professionalism should be your prime goal.

At RenComp Web Design we pride ourselves in our ability to not just provide a professional service but also keep costs minimal and within budget for our customers.

Moving a WordPress website is no easy task. For a start you have a database, blog posts, pages and images which all need to migrate perfectly to your new website. Migrating a WordPress database alone is a delicate operation, not to mention your blog posts and pages. This is where a professional WordPress Migration services provider such as RenComp Web Design come into their own.

Reasons why you might need to transfer your WordPress website - RenComp Web Design

Why you might need to transfer your WordPress website

There can be a multitude of reasons why you may need to buy our WordPress website migration and transfer services. For instance, and the most popular, you may be moving your website from one hosting provider to another. Changing web hosting companies is a common occurrence especially if you are looking for faster response times, dedicated WordPress services or for affordability reasons.

You may also need our transfer service if your existing WordPress website needs a major redesign and requires a fresh install. Or a new website design which was developed on a testing or local server that now requires transferring to a live host. Regardless of the reasons behind the need to transfer your WordPress website the experts at RenComp Web Design will be there to help.

Custom WordPress Website Migration Services

At RenComp Web Design we deliver a smooth, hassle free WordPress transfer and migration service at an affordable cost. We will ensure your data is transferred to your new WordPress website safely and with little fuss or drama. To ensure our customers are fully satisfied with our service we will always keep you in the loop at every stage of the process.

Our first job will be to backup all your important data, blog posts, pages and images before we even begin. We will then start the website migration service and test this on a separate server to identify any issues. Once satisfied all is well, we will then carry out the migration service and get your website transferred to your new host or hosting package.

Are you looking for affordable WordPress website migration transfer services - RenComp Web Design
How does the WordPress migration and transfer process works from RenComp Web Design

How the WordPress migration and transfer process works

First we consult with you to determine your requirements and clarify your current web host and the new target web host to transfer your website to. You then supply the relevant login details which will allow us to continue which will include:

  • Current WordPress Administrator login information for the site that is to be transferred
  • New web host account information the website is to be transferred to
  • Your FTP, hosting (cPanel) control panel login details for both old and new web hosts

We then begin the WordPress migration and transfer service. We then proceed to test the new website transfer to ensure that all went well, and everything is functioning as it should. We will then deliver you a fully transferred and migrated WordPress website as you requested. Once our WordPress migration services are finished and the transfer is complete, we will provide a support service to ensure any niggles or modifications you require are worked out.

*all login details are never stored by us and securely deleted on completion of our migration service

How much does it cost to migrate or transfer my WordPress website?

That is a very good question. It is not as expensive as you might think, in fact we pride ourselves in providing a very affordable WordPress migration service. For instance, our prices start from as little as £49 for a basic transfer or migration and will be carried out within 48 hours from your order being placed. If you have any specialist requirements, then get in touch and we can discuss your needs.

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